Joy filled days.

Joy filled days.
May your day be filled with a bouquet of simple joys.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Night Owl

Late into the night...............or early morning, it is way past midnight and I am still awake.  There is something about the stillness of the night that allows my mind to run wild.  The silence of the night draws me into a creative trance.  Not a distraction in sight or sound, with the exception of the barking neighborhood dogs and my snoring husband and basset hound.  Turning the pages of a newly received magazine or relocating a cherished craft book is all it takes for the minutes to turn into hours.  Give me a few yards of fabric, a couple of needles with thread and throw in an assortment of buttons and lace; that's what I call contentment.  To gather my random thoughts and ideas and quite possibly create something- or nothing at all.  This is what I call time well spent.

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Cup Of Encouragement said...

Since you are up anyway, I would like to send Henry there. He has been agitated at night. I play a Joyce Meyer cd and he goes back to sleep. He would so disturb your special time though, so I will keep him here.XO