Joy filled days.

Joy filled days.
May your day be filled with a bouquet of simple joys.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring is just around the corner

With the flip of the calendar page the "gloominess" of Winter turns into the "sun-shiny" of Spring.

Along with the change of seasons comes the joy of finding a green blade of grass or better yet, a blooming flower.  Just to think that the flower bulbs that rest under ground all Winter know just when to Spring into life.  The new sprout that emerges from the dull-lifeless ground is remarkable.  To spy a grouping of  tulip and Spring flower bulbs blooming brightly along the busy road provides a vision of hope, an example of endurance and a lesson in "bloom where you are planted".   The text-book is open everywhere you look - we just need to have our reading glasses nearby.


 The beauty that surrounds us - what a glorious day!      

These photos were captured and shared  by my youngest son..   
(Thanks Peter)                                             


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Cup Of Encouragement said...

Beautiful pictures!! Your encouragement and your loving creative environment you have always given them have a lot to do with why your kids are so sweet & talented. I always love those stories of the fun things you did as they were growing up. You are a great mom & a very dear friend!