Joy filled days.

Joy filled days.
May your day be filled with a bouquet of simple joys.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

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I ran across the following post I made quite some time ago.....a year to be exact.  Here it is, 12/20/2012.
As I re-read the words I wrote so many months ago, I can honestly say that I am still living in the same pattern of struggle with my body.  Oh.....the struggles that have occurred, but oh, what blessings have  emerged from those struggles.

The following is an excerpt from my post a year (or so) ago.   Rather than compose new words to my same story, I decided to just re-post.   It is my hope that my words will provide a touch of hope to someone today.

To give a bit more detail regarding the above statements, I will fill you in on my life at the present moment in time.  I am an individual living with the chronic illness of M.S. and Lupus.  Along with these two diseases are many little symptoms that play havoc with my body and ability to function in the "norm" of life.

The normal way of living and doing and enjoying has now become the "new normal" way of living and doing and enjoying my life.  Details are not necessary - my explanation of the nitty-gritty of my day to day life would be a boring story to read.  What I do want to convey is this...............I am weak and through my weakness God is strong.  It is only by the Grace of God that I can begin each new day with an ever-present joy in my heart and an understanding that everything I will face that day is an "everything" directed and protected by God.  I  still struggle.   When I find my situation engulfed in pain or depression or.........whatever, I can be assured that God is just on the other side of this affliction.  My weakness is His failure is His is through my trust in Him, that I am showered with His love........a Love that is never-ending!

It is my prayer that an awareness of God's power will be present in the everyday, both mundane and exciting moments of life.  Not only for me but for those around me and for those who are casually reading this little blog.  May God's grace be showered upon you.

........May your Christmas be Touched with the Joy and Hope of the Christ Child........
                                                      MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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